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Register your brand and SMS for 10DLC SMS compliance

    Due to new compliance regarding messaging, registration is required. The regulation is put in place to protect consumers from receiving spam, fraud, and unwanted messages.

    Attention: Verification is for SMS and doesn't impact voice features.

    You must have admin permissions.

    Existing customers need to follow the instructions below to register your brand and SMS. New customers porting local numbers and new local number orders are required to complete verification as part of the setup before ported or new numbers can be enabled for texting.

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    Why do I need to register my brand and SMS for messaging?

    Receiving verification lowers the chance of message filtering from your local number when sending to all major networks in the US. Mobile Carriers in the U.S. are imposing registration requirements on messages sent via application-based services, like Grasshopper. If businesses are not registered with The Campaign Registry (TCR) they will not be able to send SMS/MMS messages across the mobile carriers’ network. This impacts all U.S. customers, however if the businesses are outside of the U.S. and send a message to U.S. customers they will be impacted as well. This entity was created to ensure compliance with regulations passed by Congress and the FCC to protect customers from robocalls, spam texts, and makes opt-in and opt-outs for messaging an industry standard.

    Learn what ineligible use cases are when registering and verifying your phone number SMS campaigns.

    Register your brand

    A brand is otherwise known as who is sending a message. This is usually your business or company name.

    1. Sign in at
    2. Select Register Brand.
    3. Enter the following company information:
      Important: Your legal business name and Federal Tax ID must match exactly, or your application will automatically be rejected. Each submission is charged registration fees, whether successful or unsuccessful.
      • Organization Type: Choose your organization type from the options.
      • Legal Company Name: This entry must match how your business is registered with the corresponding federal agency that issues your business registration number/EIN/Tax ID (e.g., IRS SS-4).
      • Company Name: The name your business is operating under and sending SMS from.
      • Tax ID Number/EIN: Must be the business registration number assigned to your business by a federal agency. For example, in the U.S., the IRS provides the EIN. Failure to provide your correct business registration number and business name will result in automatic rejection by TCR. Brand registration requires an active EIN. If you don’t have an EIN, you’ll need to register for one with the IRS. It can take up to 4 months for the IRS to process EIN registration. Once you have an EIN, you can continue the process of registering your brand.
      • Tax Country: Enter the country where your business is registered.
      • Street Address: Enter the registered business address.
      • City: Enter the city where your business is registered.
      • State: Enter the state where your business is registered.
      • Country: Enter the country where your business is registered.
      • Zip/Postal code: Enter the zip/postal code where your business is registered.
      • Support Email: Enter your support email address.
      • Support Phone: Enter your support phone number.
      • Website: Enter your business website.
      • Industry: Enter your company’s industry.
    4. Carefully review and verify the information is correct and the total cost.
    5. Select Submit Brand.

    The brand registration process can take a few hours. You can check the status of your brand registration at The different statuses are In Progress, Verified, Unverified, and Failed. If your brand registration has failed, we will retry it and send you an email confirmation upon the status change.

    Register SMS

    Telecom companies require registration to send SMS from local numbers. An SMS Registration (also known as 10DLC campaign) contains information about your use case. You can associate one or more numbers to a campaign or create more than one campaign.

    1. Sign in at
    2. Select Register SMS.
    3. Enter the following information:
      • Phone Number: Choose the phone number(s) you will be using for the campaign you are registering for. You can create more than one campaign if necessary.
      • Use Case: Choose the use case that best fits your SMS campaign.
        • More than 6000 texts/day: Frequent text messages to customers (i.e., daily or weekly).
        • Less than 6000 texts/day: A few text messages to customers (i.e., monthly).
      • Description: Provide information about how the number will be used, ensuring compliance with carrier policies and preventing spam or unsolicited messages. Learn about ineligible use cases (link).
      • How did you get permission to message your contacts?: Failure to obtain express end-user consent (opt-in) or not respecting the end-user’s right to revoke consent (opt-out) will result in carrier rejection of your submission. Consent cannot be obtained by virtue of an existing business relationship.
      • Example message: Enter an example of a message sent by the selected phone numbers for the campaign.
      • Embedded phone number: Check the box if the campaign uses an embedded phone number.
      • Embedded link: Check the box if the campaign uses an embedded link.
      • Direct lending or loan arrangement: Check the box if the campaign includes any content related to direct lending or other loan arrangements.
      • Age-gated content: Check the box if the campaign includes any age-gated content as defined by the carrier and CTIA guidelines.
      • Number pooling: Check this box if you intend on using 50+ numbers, as this will require a different provisioning process with T-Mobile.
    4. Carefully review and verify the information is correct and the total cost, then enable the check box to confirm.
    5. Check the box if the phone number(s) will not be used for affiliate marketing.
    6. Select Submit.
    7. Repeat for other SMS campaigns.

    The SMS campaign vetting process can take up to 10-30 business days. You can check the status of your brand registration at The different statuses are In Progress, Carrier Approved, and Failed. If your SMS campaign registration has failed, you will need to fill out the form again. Each new submission incurs an additional brand registration charge, which is non-refundable. All your numbers will automatically be associated with the campaign to send SMS.