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I can't make calls from the mobile app, how do I fix this?

    If you are experiencing issues making an outbound call from the mobile apps, please try the following troubleshooting steps. If they do not resolve your issue, please contact our support team for further troubleshooting help.

    • Ensure the proper mobile number is registered. Grasshopper requires you to register your cell phone number as a trusted number.
      1. From the mobile app, go to Settings > My mobile number.
      2. The phone number listed here should be the cell phone number of the device you are using. If it is typed incorrect, please adjust this and try your call again.
    • Ensure the correct extension is selected. If your settings in the mobile app and online portal don't match up, this could be part of the issue.
      1. From the mobile app, go to Settings > My extension.
      2. Ensure that the extension that is selected is one that forwards to that particular mobile device, then try your call again. If you are unsure which one it should be, log in to Extensions at to check.
    • Ensure the correct Access Number is selected.
      1. From the mobile app, go to Settings > Access Number.
      2. Change this to either Toll Free number or Local number (depending on what your Grasshopper number is) then try your call again.
    • Try disabling WiFi calling. If your Internet connection is slow, this could be causing the problem.
      1. From the mobile app, go to Settings > WiFi Calling.
      2. Tap the WiFi Calling toggle so that it is Off, then try your call again.
    • Reinstall the app.
      1. Uninstall the Grasshopper app from your device.
      2. Install it again from the app store.