How do I verify my toll-free number for messaging?

    Due to new compliance regarding messaging from toll-free phone numbers, SMS from toll-free numbers is disabled until verification is completed. The regulation is put in place to protect consumers from receiving spam messages.

    Customers with existing toll-free numbers have until September 30, 2022, to complete verification. We highly recommend verifying toll-free numbers as soon as possible to avoid service disruptions. New customers porting toll-free numbers and new toll-free number orders will need to complete verification as part of setup. The verification process is free of charge.
    Note: If you prefer not to go through the application process, you can contact customer care to trade your toll-free number for a local number. Local numbers don’t require SMS verification.

    Why do I need toll-free messaging verification?

    Once your business and use case has been reviewed and approved, you can send messages via toll-free numbers to the US and Canada.

    Receiving verification lowers the chance of message filtering from your toll-free number when sending to all major networks in the US and some in Canada.

    How do I start the verification process?

    1. Download and fill out this form. It’s not necessary to include samples of every different message you send to customers, but it is recommended that your message samples are representative of much of the messaging you plan to send within US and Canada.
      Important: If you do not fully complete the form there will be delays in processing the verification.
    2. The carrier will also need proof of consent. Please include one of the following:
      • If website opt-in: Screenshots of webform where the customer adds their number and agrees to receive messaging.
      • Website posting (support): Where the number is advertised and where customers find the number to text.
      • If keyword or QR code opt-in: Photos or screenshots of where customers find the keyword to opt-in to messaging.
      • If voice/IVR opt-in: Screenshot record of opt-in via voice in customer database or CRM. (i.e., screenshot of a check box in your CRM showing the customer opted in and the date).
      • 2FA/OTP: Screenshot of the process to receive the initial text.
      • Paper form (Customer/Employee): Photo or screenshot of the form.
    3. Once completed, send an email to with your filled out form, proof of consent, and your Primary PIN.

    Customer care will provide an answer once the carrier completes the verification process. If your application is denied, you can contact customer care to trade your toll-free number for a local number.