Your Grasshopper number can double as a fax line, allowing you to receive faxes via email without an actual fax machine. Using the Virtual Fax feature, any incoming faxes will be converted to PDF and sent to you via email.  

NOTE: If you have Ruby on your Grasshopper account, we recommend you have a separate fax number as Ruby is unable to receive fax transmissions. Grasshopper can provide a fax number for you so you'll be able to receive your faxes and incoming calls. 

  1. Log in to Settings at
  2. Select Features > Turn "Virtual Fax" on
  3. Click Edit > Add email address
  4. Enter your email address, then click Add
  5. If desired, you can add additional email addresses as well! 

Note: You can only receive faxes with Grasshopper, you cannot send outbound faxes. If you signed up for Grasshopper prior to 2011, then you'll need to set up a dedicated fax line in order to receive faxes.