For local phone numbers only, we will gladly submit a request to our carrier to update the Caller ID. To submit a request to change a local phone number, please submit a support ticket with the new name you wish to use. Note that it must be 15 characters or less (including spaces), and it cannot be the name of a city, state, or another phone number. You can also request to have the current name blanked out. 

However, please note that we cannot guarantee that your Caller ID name will be updated. Even though we will update the information in our systems, the new Caller ID will only be reflected once each carrier has updated their internal Caller ID information. We are unable to provide a time as to when other carriers will be updated, as each carrier operates individually.

For toll-free and Canadian phone numbers, we are unable to change a displayed Caller ID. We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.