Can I change the Caller ID name for my Grasshopper number?

Local Numbers

Yes, we can submit a request to update the caller ID of any local Grasshopper number. Please note, this cannot be guaranteed, but we will gladly submit the request.

Please submit a support ticket with the following information:

  • Request to change the caller ID name. The new name must be 15 characters or less (including spaces)
  • It can not be the name of a City or State or another phone number
  • You can also request to have the current name blanked out

Once we receive your request, we will send you an email confirmation. Please allow 3-4  weeks for the request to be completed.

*Note: Although we have updated this information on our systems, the new Caller ID will only be reflected once each carrier has updated their internal caller ID information. We are unable to provide a time as to when other carriers will be updated, as each carrier operates individually.

Toll Free Numbers

Unfortunately, we are unable to change the Name part of the caller ID for Toll Free numbers.

Some CNAM (Calling Name Delivery) databases outside of Grasshopper do pick up toll free numbers based on listings in the toll free directory, but that is best effort and can not be guaranteed. We do not have control over CNAM we only pass it through our system.

The historical reason for this is that in the PSTN network (original telephone over copper wire), toll-free numbers can not originate calls. A toll-free number either points to a group of inbound trunks (circuits) or an ordinary phone line, which gives its own number as the caller ID.

Every local phone company that receives an incoming call from another company (whether local or long distance) receives only the 10-digit calling number, but no name. The name must be looked up in LIDB (database) to which the recipient's phone company subscribes.

There are on the approximately 10 LIDB providers in North America including Neustar, TNS, Qwest, Sprint and Verisign but because there is no official support for Toll Free Numbers CNAM, each local phone company does this update at their discretion.