As long as you have an active Grasshopper Connect subscription and an account in good standing, you can transfer your existing toll-free or local number out of Grasshopper Connect and to a new carrier. Note that this transfer process is completed by your new carrier, not by the Customer Care team. 

  1. If you’re transferring a local number, we recommend that you begin by obtaining a copy of your Grasshopper Connect Customer Service Record (CSR). This will help you fill out the authorization form with exact information. 
  2. To initiate the transfer, contact your new carrier. They will ask you to fill out their Letter of Authorization (LOA) with information about your Grasshopper Connect number(s). This form will give them the authority to initiate the transfer on your behalf. Note that the information you provide on the LOA about your Grasshopper Connect account (e.g., name, company name and address) must match the information we have on record. If it doesn’t, your transfer request will get rejected by your new carrier. 
  3. Once they have your LOA, your new carrier will submit a valid transfer request to Grasshopper Connect, and we’ll release your number to them. Once Grasshopper Connect releases the number, it’s no longer under our control, so we won’t be able to make changes to it after the release.
  4. If you plan to cancel your Grasshopper Connect account, please wait until your new carrier confirms a successful transfer before contacting Customer Care to cancel. We cannot cancel your account automatically. 

How long will it take? 

Transfer time depends on many factors (e.g., local versus toll free number, the underlying providers involved, the accuracy of your LOA), so we can’t determine exact turnaround time. It typically takes between 1-6 weeks to complete. We’ll get a release or rejection for toll free numbers within 2 business days of receipt of the request.

What does it cost? 

Note that Grasshopper Connect doesn’t charge any fees for numbers that are being transferred out, but your new provider may charge a transfer fee to bring the number in. You should check with them regarding any transfer fees before submitting your request.