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What happened to my business contacts?

    Your business contacts were not migrated from the Grasshopper Connect app to Grasshopper, however you can sync contacts from your mobile device to the Grasshopper mobile and desktop apps. Here's how:

    1. Verify Grasshopper has access to your phone's native contact list.
      1. Go to your phone's settings.
      2. Navigate to the Grasshopper app.
      3. Verify the app has access to your contacts.
    2. In the Grasshopper app, select Settings > Sync Contacts Across All Devices.
    3. To add specific contacts, select the name of the contact(s) and then select Add Contacts.
    4. To add all your contacts, select Select All > Add Contacts.

      To see your contacts reflected in the desktop app, log out and log back in. Calls and text messages with a person whose information is saved in your contacts list will now show the name you have saved them under.