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Sync My Contacts Across All Devices

The Grasshopper app does not store your contacts but instead syncs with the contacts on your device to find and display contact names. Contacts are stored on a per-user basis, so they won’t be shared across the account.

Tip: If you need to change a contact's name in the app, you'll need to change it in your iOS or Android contacts.
  1. From your device, give the Grasshopper app permission to access your contacts:
    Operating system How-to
    iOS Learn about the new contact management feature for iOS.
    Note: The following steps may vary depending on the manufacturer or operating system version.
    1. From your device settings, select Apps and then scroll to Grasshopper.
    2. From App Settings > Permissions, enable Contacts. Once enabled, the toggle will be blue.
  2. From the Grasshopper mobile app, go to Settings > Sync Contacts Across All Devices.
  3. To add specific contacts, choose the contact(s) name and then select Add Contacts.
  4. To add all your contacts, select Select All > Add Contacts.
  5. To see your contacts reflected in the desktop app, sign out and then sign back in. Calls and text messages with a person whose information is saved in your cell phone’s contacts list will now show the name you have saved them under.
    Note: If a caller is not in your phone's contacts, the app will show the caller's number.