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Start a Conference Call

Host a conference call with up to 10 participants (including you).

Participants cannot dial into the conference call themselves. You will need to dial each participant into the conference call.
Note: To use conference calling, select Contact Support to enable outbound dialing & Virtual Calling Card on the extensions needed.
  1. Call your business phone number and then press *.
  2. Enter the extension you’d like the call to come from followed by #, and then enter the extension’s pin followed by #.
  3. Press 6 to access the subscriber menu, and then press 2 to start a conference call.
  4. Dial the phone number of your first participant and then press #.
    Note: When participants answer the call, they will hear: “Grasshopper calling from extension X, to join the conference call, press 1. If you do not wish to join the conference call, press 2." If they press 1, they will join the call. If a participant doesn't answer or rejects the call, you will hear "(###) ###-#### could not be reached.”
  5. Press 1 to add another participant. Dial their phone number followed by #. Repeat this step for each participant.
  6. Once you have invited all participants, press 2, and you'll hear the message “Please hold on while we contact all conference participants.”