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I didn't get a notification for a text message

    If you didn't receive a notification for a text message, confirm that you have texting enabled for the number, have the latest version of the iPhone app (4.1.6002 or above) or Android app (4.1.6100 or above) and have notifications enabled for the Grasshopper app.

    To do this Do this
    Check to see if you have texting enabled
    1. Sign in at
    2. Go to Settings > Features > Grasshopper SMS and verify texting is enabled.
    Verify push notifications are enabled
    1. On your device, navigate to Your device's Settings > Notifications > Grasshopper.
    2. Customize your notifications.
    Check settings within the mobile app
    1. From the app, go to Settings > Sync & Notification Setting.
    2. Ensure that all boxes are enabled for the extension(s) that you want to be notified for on this device.

    For additional instructions on enabling notifications, please see the article Why are Push Notifications not working?