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Grasshopper Trial FAQs

All Grasshopper trials are risk free with no credit card required! Grasshopper 7 day free trials include:

  • 1 phone number and 3 extensions (Premium numbers are not included, these include numbers with the following area codes US Local: 202, 212, 214, 281, 310, 410, 617, 713, 718, 917. Toll free: 800. Canada: 416, 905.)
  • 50 business talk minutes
  • 100 business texts (Only available when choosing a toll-free number)
  • All the features of the full version of Grasshopper

After my trial ends will my number be the same?

If you want to convert your trial account to a paid account your number will stay the same. However, you can change your Grasshopper number after converting, contact support by selecting Contact Support.

How do I cancel my free trial?

Grasshopper trials end when the trial period is over or if you use your 50 minutes. If you do not want to convert your trial account to a paid account you do not need to worry about canceling.

Can I extend my trial period?

Unfortunately, trial periods cannot be extended and will expire once the 7 days have passed or when the allotted minutes or texts are consumed, whichever comes first. Additionally, we cannot reactivate trial accounts as trials either.

Still have questions about Grasshopper?

If you still have questions on how Grasshopper works try searching our support site.