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Different Types of Errors

Learn more about the different error messages you may receive.

Error Description
Failed to establish API call If your call could not be completed, it usually means the mobile app had issues connecting to the internet to make the phone call. If you currently use wifi, try turning it off and making the call again, or vice versa (go to Settings > Wifi Calling and use the toggle to turn wifi calling on or off).
Error while signing up If you received an error while signing up for Grasshopper, use these tips to perform initial troubleshooting before contacting customer support:
  • Try a different browser (preferably Google Chrome)
  • If using a VPN, disconnect and try again
  • Do not use an anonymizer
  • Use a different network
  • Restart your computer
  • Use another credit card
  • Verify your credit card is valid, active, and has available credit
  • Verify the address entered is valid
  • Use emails from authentic providers
Something went wrong This means that Grasshopper was unable to complete the action you were attempting. This could be a network issue, so it's worth trying again. If you continue to encounter the error, select Contact Support.
Rate Limiting: Failed to Send Message To prevent fraudulent use, Grasshopper sometimes temporarily limits the number of text messages a single user can send within a certain period. This prevents the recipient's carrier from blocking the user's phone number. Please wait until the temporary limit is automatically lifted (customer support representatives cannot lift it for you). To avoid this error, you can:
  • Do not exceed the 160-character limit per message
  • Avoid sending multiple messages in a row without engaging in conversation
  • Use special characters only when necessary