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Can I add contacts to my desktop app?

    You can now see your contacts' names for calls and text messages in the Grasshopper desktop app! To sync your contacts across the apps, please follow the steps below!

    Add the contact

    • Add the contact information to your native iOS/Android device contact list
    • Ensure that Grasshopper has access to your phone's native contact list.
      Tip: You can check this by going into your phone's settings, navigating to the app and see that allow access to Contacts is enabled.

    Sync across the apps

    • In your Grasshopper app, select Settings and then choose Sync Contacts Across All Devices.
    • To see your contacts reflected in your desktop app, please sign out and sign back in.

      Calls and text messages with a person whose information is saved in your contacts list will now show the name you have saved them under.