Our Fax On Demand feature allows your callers to request stored documents via fax, 24/7. Simply fax the documents you’d like to make available to callers into your account, creating a library of documents that callers can then request to receive via fax instantly.

This means that your callers can help themselves and don’t have to wait on you to get them the documents they need.

This feature is ideal for order forms, product sheets, maps or anything else you want your callers to have access to 24 hours a day.

How does a caller access Fax On Demand documents?
After your caller chooses the Fax On Demand extension, they'll be asked to provide the Document ID for the fax document they want to receive.

Note: If you signed up after June 2011, please contact our support team to activate this feature.

If you signed up before June 2011, here’s how to set up the Fax On Demand feature:

From the Settings menu, click the Enhanced Extensions tab, then choose to add Fax On Demand:


Next, enter the name of the fax line and link it to one of your Grasshopper extensions, then add the pin for the fax line:


Once you’ve linked an extension, you’ll see the option to upload a document that will be faxed on demand to your callers. Just browse your computer for the file and upload!