What is the Business SMS (texting) feature?

Available only in the US and Canada, Grasshopper clients can send and receive text messages from their Grasshopper numbers


$10/month per number with unlimited usage*

Example: Activate it on three of your 5 Grasshopper numbers and pay $30 per month


With very few exceptions, any Grasshopper number is eligible to have the Business SMS feature added. Toll free, Canadian and US local numbers can be enabled for Business SMS.

Note: texting from a toll free to a Canadian number is currently not supported, but we're working on it.

How to get it:

You can add Business SMS when you sign up, from the Features page in the user interface and also by calling or emailing Grasshopper support.

How it works:

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll receive and send text messages using the Grasshopper Android or iPhone app . Only admin users have access to the texting features.

If you enable push notifications for the Grasshopper app, you’ll receive a notification each time you get a text message.

NOTE: Push notifications must be enabled to receive text messages.


  • Can’t send from a toll free to a Canadian mobile number

  • Can’t send to or receive texts from numbers other than US and Canadian local numbers (i.e, you can't yet send text abroad)

  • Can’t send or receive group texts or picture text messages from a Toll Free number

  • Can’t send to short codes (no voting for american idol, etc)

*Unlimited usage is subject to our fair usage policy, outlined in the terms and conditions .