What information do I need to complete the transfer form

The transfer form is pretty simple, but it requires some important information to complete your transfer request!

Please make sure you have the following information available when filing out the form.

  • Authorizing Name – The account holder’s name exactly as it appears with your existing phone provider.
  • Billing Phone Number – The phone number that is affiliated with your current account with your phone provider. 
  • Address – Numbers cannot be transferred with a P.O. Box listed as the service address. Make sure you provide the actual physical service address that is listed with your current provider.
  • Name of your Current Service Provider – Verizon, AT&T, T Mobile, etc.
  • Account number – The format of this will vary depending on your existing carrier; in some cases it may be the phone number being transferred, while in others it will be a unique account ID. The Account Number can often be found on a billing statement from your current service provider.
    • Account PIN You will only need this if you are transferring a wireless number. Most phone providers require a PIN for security, which is often used like a password. Please check with your carrier on whether your account uses a PIN for authorization.
    • Last 4 digits of your SSNYou will only need this if you are transferring a wireless number. This should be from the social security number of the current account holder for the phone number being transferred.

Please ensure the information you provide matches exactly what your current provider has on file; any discrepancies can cause your request to be delayed or rejected.