What are the different Report types?

There are three reports available: Usage, Detail and Activity. To access these reports, log into your account on www.grasshopper.com and select Reports in the top right corner.

  1. Usage Reports
    • This report details the number of minutes used, average call length and compare to other time periods.
    • The report can be customized to show specific extensions, certain Grasshopper numbers (if you have more than one) as well as a customizable report period.
  2. Detail Report
    • This report details the information about all calls during a given period.
    • Users are able to customize the report by setting specific parameters including: Grasshopper number, caller IDs, destination numbers, extensions, directions and leg types.
  3. Activity Report
    • This report gives an overview of calls by type, such as voicemails, hang ups and faxes.

Reports are kept under My Reports for 90 days before they are automatically deleted from the dashboard.