Voice Studio FAQs

What is the Voice Studio? 

The voice Studio allows you to make your call forwarding system sound more professional! We offer a variety of experienced voice actors who can record all of your custom greetings.

How much does Voice Studio cost?
Our Voice Studio costs $75 per order. However, a single order can contain multiple scripts!

How long does it take to record my greetings?
Our Voice Studio will typically have your greetings recorded and sent to you within 7 business days from your order date.

How do I write and submit scripts?

Once logged into your account from www.grasshopper.com, select Visit the Voice Studio on the right side of the webpage. Select Edit to open the Voice Studio.

Step 1: Choose a Voice Actor - You can preview the different talents to determine which voice you most prefer.

Step 2: Write Your Scripts - Write the script for each of your greetings. You can write scripts for your Main Greeting, and for the various extensions: Voicemail Greeting, Transfer Message and Recorded Name.

After each script is complete select Save script and add to order . Continue to add scripts to the order as you go. You will not be charged until you check out.

After you have completed all desired scripts, select I'm done, let's checkout! to complete the order.

**If you started using Grasshopper prior to 2011, the Voice Studio page looks different. The article will be updated soon to demonstrate these pages**

Can I cancel my Voice Studio order after I’ve submitted it?
No, once you’ve clicked the “Purchase & submit request to Voice Studio” button, you cannot cancel your Voice Studio order.

If you submitted a duplicate Voice Studio order by accident, get in touch with our support team and we can help you out.

What if there is a mistake in my greeting?
Never fear, it can be fixed! If we made a mistake, like mispronouncing your name, please reach out to support and we’ll get your greeting rerecorded for you.

Keep in mind! If you realized that you made a mistake in scripting your greeting and it needs to be recorded again, your order will be subject to additional charges.