Outbound Dialing is not working on the app, what do I do?

If you are experiencing issues making an outbound call from the mobile application, please try some of the following troubleshooting steps:

Remember to make a test call after each troubleshooting step to see if that resolved the issue.

  1. Is the appropriate mobile number listed?
    1. Open the mobile app, go to Settings, and go to My Mobile Number
    2. The phone number listed here should be your cell phone number. If it is typed incorrect, please adjust this and retest.
  2. Check the extension
    1. Open the app, go to Settings, and click on Extension
    2. Ensure that the extension that is selected is one that forwards to that particular mobile device.
    3. *Note, if you are unsure which number the extension forwards to, please sign into your account on grasshopper.com to check*
  3. Change the Access number
    1. Open the app and go to Settings and then Access Number
    2. Change this to either Toll Free or Local (If you have a Toll Free Grasshopper number, select Toll Free. If your Grasshopper number is local, select local)
  4. Turn off your WiFi and place a test call
    1. Open the app, go to Settings, and then WiFi Calling
  5. If none of these steps work try deleting the app, restarting your phone and reinstalling the app. It's possible that the version of your mobile app is outdated or is experiencing issues. 

If you have tried all of these steps and are still experiencing issues, please contact support by submitting feedback through the app. Simply navigate to Settings tab and select "Give Feedback." Please feel free to include additional details in your message.