How do I register and make outbound calls from a Landline?

To make outbound calls from a Landline phone, you'll need to first have outbound dialing enabled on your account. Please contact Grasshopper Customer Support to have this activated.

Please note: If you have been using a mobile app to make outbound calls, this feature STILL needs to be turned on for outbound calls from a landline.

Once outbound dialing is enabled, please follow these steps from your landline phone to properly register it :

  1. Call 888-989-8688 and enter your Grasshopper phone number, then # (pound)
  2. Enter the extension number, followed by # (pound).
  3. Enter the pin number for that extension, followed by # (pound).

Once these steps are completed, your number will be registered with the Call Out feature and you can make outbound calls from the registered phone number whenever you want.

(The above steps are only needed on the first attempt, as our system will automatically recognize your caller ID on subsequent phone calls and know which account the call is for. If you have multiple landlines, you can register each one to use these instructions.)

Please note: This feature will only work if the caller ID for this line is ALWAYS the same. This will not work for a random generated number (such as Skype or other online services).

To make a call once the phone has been registered:

For future calls using the call-out number after you have registered your caller ID:

Call 888-989-8688 and it will say “phone number recognized” and allow you to dial the phone number.