How do I make a conference call or add another person to the call?

  1. Place an outbound call from your Grasshopper mobile app or desktop app
  2. Press #, # to place the current call on hold
  3. You will be prompted with the following:
    1. To start the conference call, press 1
    2. To join the conference call, press 2
    3. To disconnect the call, press 3
  4. Press 1 to start the conference
  5. Then press 2, to “add another participant”
  6. Enter the phone number you wish to call, followed by #
  7. To add another conference call participant, press 1. If you are finished, press 2
    1. (Repeat this step until you have typed all phone numbers)

Once you press 2, all numbers will be dialed at the same time.You will hear: “Please hold while we contact all of your participants".

If a number is unable to be reached, you will hear “###-###-#### - could not be reached.”

When your caller answers the phone, they will hear:“Grasshopper calling from Extension 0 , to join the conference call, press 1. If you do not wish to join the conference call press 2.