How can I transfer a call to another extension?

Transferring a call is easy with Grasshopper!

First, you have to place the caller on hold. You can place a live call on hold (with music!) by pressing the pound sign twice (##).

Once you’ve put a caller on hold, you'll be presented with 3 options. Press 2 to transfer the call.

  • Press 1 to return to the call
  • Press 2 to transfer the call to another extension/phone number
  • Press 3 to end the call

There are 2 types of transfers that you can make for calls:

  • Blind Transfer: The call is automatically transferred to the extension you choose.
  • Supervised Transfer: You can speak to the person you’re transferring the call to before it’s complete. This is great for introducing the call to whoever needs to take it.

To complete a transfer, press pound twice (##).

Please note:

You can only transfer incoming calls. If you’ve placed an outbound call you can not transfer to another extension.

To transfer your caller to an external phone number, the virtual calling card must be enabled. Check out the article for that HERE .