How can I place a conference call?

To place a conference call:

Note: You’ll need to dial in all of your participants, so make sure you have all the other participants’ phone numbers handy!

  1. Call your Grasshopper number and press *
  2. Enter the extension number you want the call to come from, then press #
  3. Enter that extension’s pin, then press #
  4. Press 6 to make an outbound call
  5. Press 2 to start a conference call
  6. Dial the phone number for the first person you’d like to add to the conference call, then press #
  7. To add additional participants, press 1 then dial their number and press #
  8. When you’re done inviting participants, press 2

You’ll then hear, “Please hold on while we contact all conference participants.” Participants will need to press 1 to accept the invitation to the conference call.

Keep in mind!

  • The limit for attendees on a conference call is the original caller + 9 (for a total of 10).
  • Grasshopper Conference Calling doesn't provide a way for callers to dial in to the conference. There is no conference bridge/number.