FAQs for MMS texting

What is MMS?

MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS). MMS allows you to send multimedia content (pictures, videos, group messages) through text messages.

Can I send picture messages with Grasshopper?

Yes, with the release of MMS, we now support picture and group messaging.

How do I enable MMS on my number?

MMS is part of our text messaging feature. To enable MMS, you must have our text messaging feature activated on your number.

How much does MMS cost?

There is no additional cost for MMS, however, you must have text messaging enabled on your number. Text messaging is $10 per number, per month and MMS is included in that cost.

Can I use MMS with any number?

MMS is only supported on our U.S. local numbers. Toll-free and Canadian numbers are not supported at this time.

What are the supported MMS picture formats/file types for texting?

Supported file types are : jpg, .jpeg, . png , gif (receive only, cannot send)

How many people can I send an MMS message to at once?

MMS messages are limited to 10 contacts per message.

Do you support MMS campaigns?

No, there is no automated way to send MMS messages using the Grasshopper system.


  • Toll-free and Canadian numbers are not supported.
  • Can only send MMS messages to and receive MMS messages from U.S. local numbers.
  • Only jpg, .jpeg, . png , gif (receive only, cannot send) are supported.
  • MMS will support a max of 10 contacts per message.