FAQs and Troubleshooting Tips for WiFi Calling

What is WiFi calling and how can I make a call over WiFi?

WiFi calling allows you to make and receive calls, texts and more over your wireless network if your cellular service isn’t strong enough or available. You can make and receive calls using your WiFi network* with our iPhone, Android and desktop apps .
*Inbound calls over WiFi will still consume your plan’s minutes.

How do I enable WiFi calling?

You can enable WiFi calling on our iPhone or Android apps in the settings section of your Grasshopper app.  First, make sure you're on the most recent version of our mobile app then go to Settings > WiFi Calling > Enable.
The desktop app will automatically use your internet connection ( LAN or wireless) so there is nothing to enable on the desktop app. We’ll use whatever connection is available to make and receive calls.

How do I make a call over WiFi from the Grasshopper app?

To make a call over WiFi, first make sure you’ve enabled WiFi calling on your mobile app. Once WiFi calling enabled, your calls will default to using WiFi as long as there is a strong enough signal.

Does WiFi calling use my plan’s minutes?

Yes, but only for inbound calls. Outbound calls are free.


How will I know if my WiFi signal isn’t strong enough?

We’ll alert you in the app to let you know if your WiFi signal is weak or isn’t strong enough.
If your signal strength drops during a call, you’ll need to end the call, turn WiFi off on your device*, and then make the call again from the app. Calls won’t be automatically transferred from your WiFi connection to your regular telephone connection.
*Your WiFi settings on your Android or iPhone can be found in the general settings of your phone.

Why am I receiving calls outside of my forwarding hours when WiFi is enabled?

When WiFi is enabled, we’ll always try to reach you over WiFi. Currently, our call forwarding settings are only tied to a phone number but since we’re not actually sending the call to your cell phone number or using your normal telephone connection to deliver the call, there are no forwarding rules to follow.
This is a limitation of WiFi calling right now but don’t worry, we’re working on a fix.

Why am I receiving some calls twice when WiFi calling is enabled?

When WiFi calling is enabled, we’ll always try to reach you on WiFi first. If the call is rejected on WiFi or if you don’t answer the WiFi call in the first 5 rings ( 30 seconds) , we’ll try to reach you at your call forwarding numbers, according to your call forwarding settings.