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Do I have to change my current phone provider when I use Grasshopper?

    Grasshopper is designed to complement your phone service, not totally replace it. Our system is virtual, so you'll still need to have an account with a third-party carrier and an active phone number (landline or cell) to be able to make and receive phone calls.

    • Incoming calls made to your Grasshopper number are forwarded to an existing physical phone with its own number, such as your office, cell, home, etc.
    • Outgoing calls made from your Grasshopper number will need to be made from a landline or cell phone through another provider, as Grasshopper phone numbers don't provide a dial tone.

    Only calls that are handled by Grasshopper are billed to your account. Your local and long-distance carrier will continue to bill you for any service that they provide to you. If you transfer your local number(s) to Grasshopper your local carrier will be Grasshopper.