Can I set up a dial-by-name directory for departments?

Sure! The dial-by-name directory works with both first and last names. Depending on when you signed up, there are two different ways to enable this feature.

If you signed up after June 2011 , a dial by name directory extension has been created for you.

  1. Click Extensions 
  2. Click Edit next to Extension 8 - Dial By Name Directory.

Here, you can put in the first and last name for each employee's extension.


Note: If you would like to have the name associated with the extension announced to the caller you will want to make sure each extension has a recorded name greeting. When the caller spells a name they will then hear the extension name announced, instead of the extension number.

To record a name greeting:

1) Click 'Edit' next to the extension you would like to add a name greeting to

2) On the left side under 'Extension Name' Click the 'Record' button and follow the steps to record the name greeting.

If you signed up before June 2011 , here’s how to create a dial by name directory for departments in your account:

To enable this feature, you should complete your dial by name directory settings by entering the first and/or last name of your employees for the associating extensions under Settings, then Name Directory in Portal along with the name greetings.

Although our system can recognize department names and connect callers to the right extensions it is ideal to use this feature for employee extensions' first and/ or last name only. The reason is that the callers will hear the following prompt upon dialing 8 for the dial-by-name directory: "Please enter the first few letters of the person's first or last name followed by #..."