Are there any additional fees for my Grasshopper account?

There are no hidden fees on your Grasshopper bill, but depending on the options you choose for your account you may see additional charges including:

You could see an additional one-time charge on your monthly bill for:

  • $30 for number transfers per carrier (Above the amount of number transfers included in your plan.)

You’ll see an additional recurring charge on your monthly bill for:

  • $5 per month for additional numbers (Above the amount of numbers included in your plan.)
  • $10 per month for Call Blasting (i.e., Simultaneous call forwarding.)
  • $10 per month for Read Your Voicemail (Free during the first 30 days of signing up with Grasshopper.)
  • $10 per month per line for Business SMS texting service

You’ll also see these mandatory charges on your monthly bill:

Other Usage Rates:

  • International & Offshore Minute Rates : We require a deposit of $500 to activate this feature. Your account charges will be deducted from the deposit until it is depleted.
  • $0.50 surcharge per call for calls received from a pay phone. (You can turn off pay phone calls by contacting Grasshopper Support)
  • Each Voice Studio order costs $75. You can add as many scripts to an order but each order submitted has its own transaction fee.