How is my minute usage billed?

Minute usage starts accruing when your call is connected and stops accruing when you end the call. Since each Grasshopper plan offers a different amount of free minutes, you’ll need to check your plan to see how many free minutes you have. Our Max, Grow and Ramp plans are billed at $0.06 cents per minute for every minute over the included free minutes. Pay as You Grow is charged 0.06 for every minute used.

You can check out all the plan inclusions and how per-minute rates work here. If you’re on a plan that isn’t listed, get in touch with our support team and we’ll look up your minutes.

Keep in mind! All usage of Grasshopper counts towards your included minutes (or per-minute cost if your plan doesn't include free minutes). Partial minutes are billed in 6-second increments with an 18-second minimum. 

Still have questions about how minutes are billed? Check out our Minutes FAQs.

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