How can I change my message notification settings?

Changing the email on file for message notifications is super easy using the settings panel for each extension you set up. First, go to your Extensions tab, then choose which extension to set up notifications for:



To change the email already on file, just click Delete or Edit. To add a new email, click the Add Email Address button to add an email:



Enter the email address, click add, and you’re all set! You can add as many emails as you like to receive notifications for each extension. Told ya it was easy!



Note: If you started using Grasshopper before June 2011, your account may look different. Please follow these steps instead:

Go to Settings, then Extensions, then choose which extension to update:



Next, click Notifications in the sidebar, and choose to set up an email or SMS to receive notifications of new messages:



You can add as many emails as you like, and disable notifications at any time on this same page.



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