How do I change my call forwarding numbers?

Changing notifications is super easy using the settings panel for each extension you set up. First, go to your Extensions tab, then choose which extension to set up notifications for:



Once you have the extension added, you can set up call forwarding. This means Grasshopper will ring your phone when you get a call to that Grasshopper extension. Click Add a forwarding number to add a number for us to forward calls to:



Next you’ll see the options for how we’ll connect your calls:



  • Call Announce (default): Calls will be announced when you pick up. When a call comes in you can accept the call, send the call to voicemail, or listen to their CallerID phone number. If you don't answer, the call either rolls over to the next number in queue or goes to voicemail.
  • Direct Connect: Calls will connect to you as soon as you pick up. Direct Connect sends the call directly to the forwarding phone number. If you don't answer, the voicemail is left on the destination number's voicemail.
  • Call Screening: Callers are asked for their name so you know who is calling. Call Screening acts like Call Announce but the caller has to record their name before the forwarding process begins. When you answer the call, you'll hear the caller's name and can choose to accept or decline the call.


Note: If you started using Grasshopper before June 2011, your account may look different. Please follow these steps instead:

Go to Settings, then Extensions, then choose which extension to update:



Next, click Call Forwarding in the sidebar, and choose to enable forwarding for this extension:



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