How will I know when someone is calling my Grasshopper line?

The caller ID on your phone will show your Grasshopper number as the calling number, so you’ll know it’s someone who has that number. You can easily set your Grasshopper number with an identifying name in your Caller ID so that pops up when someone calls.


You can also change the setting of any extension to show the Caller ID of the caller instead of your Grasshopper number. Your phone will ring the same as other calls but by using the Call Announce feature, you will hear our system asking you to press 1 to take the call, 2 to send the caller to voicemail, and 3 to listen to the phone number of the caller when you pick up.  This will allow you to distinguish between a business and a personal call.

Note: If you signed up after June 2011, please contact our support team to get this set up.

If you signed up before June 2011, here’s how to adjust this setting:

From the Settings menu, click the Extensions tab.  

Next select the extension you'd like to adjust this setting on, then click Call Forwarding from the right hand side menu. 

Once you've done that you can adjust the settings in the "When a call is forwarded to me section" at the bottom to show the caller ID of the caller.




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