Can I transfer my existing numbers to Grasshopper?

Yes! We can arrange to have any of your existing toll free numbers transferred to us easily. Grasshopper will charge a one-time $30 per carrier handling fee (depending on your plan) for number transfers. Patience, young grasshopper: The turn around time to get numbers transferred is up to 3 weeks for toll-free numbers and up to 4 weeks for local numbers. 

When you transfer your numbers to Grasshopper, you’re only changing service providers and you’ll still retain ownership of your number.

If you already have a local number it must be within our coverage area in order to transfer it to Grasshopper. You can check to see if your number is eligible using our Local Number Transfer Tool before you start the transfer process.

If your local number is not in our coverage area, you can order a new local number from Grasshopper. It’s easy to check for local numbers in your area using our local number search tool on our Sign Up page:


You can also have your local phone company forward your calls on your existing local number to your Grasshopper toll free or local number. Since there may be different types of call forwarding offered by your provider, make sure to specify that they "forward and release" your calls.

If you’re on the Pay as You Grow or Ramp plan, there’ll be a $30 charge for up to 3 numbers from a single carrier. The Grow plan allows 3 numbers from the same carrier with no additional charge. On the Max plan there’s no charge for any numbers you port from any carrier.

Note: If there are multiple carriers involved the charge is $30 per carrier.

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