Grasshopper Connect is designed to complement your phone service, not totally replace it. Our system is virtual, so you'll still need to have an account with a third-party carrier and an active phone number (landline or cell) to be able to make and receive phone calls. 

  • Incoming calls made to your Grasshopper Connect number are forwarded to an existing physical phone with its own number, such as your office, cell, home, etc.
  • Outgoing calls made from your Grasshopper Connect number will need to be made from a landline or cell phone through another provider, as Grasshopper Connect phone numbers don't provide a dial tone.

Only calls that are handled by Grasshopper Connect are billed to your Grasshopper Connect account. Your local and long-distance carrier will continue to bill you for any service that they provide to you. If you transfer your local number(s) to Grasshopper Connect your local carrier will be Grasshopper Connect .